Teaching Prepositions of Place – Pedro Plano Style

Pedro Plano is a character to help teach prepositions of place. Download him and put him places.

Update: Pedro Plano now has a twin brother who happens to be French, for some reason. The Pierre Plat slideshow is also free.

I have created a resource to teach prepositions of place in a comprehensible and compelling way. It’s a three-step process.

  1. TPR a list of prepositions of place.
    • Normally I let students make up gestures for a TPR phrase, but for this I always use the same gestures.
    • Find ones that work for you (i.e. that convey meaning properly and that you can remember easily) and stick with them. It’ll save your brain some work.
  2. I made a 2-D vector graphic using Photoshop. It’s a guy that I have since named “Pedro Plano”. I put Pedro in a bunch of settings and simply ask students “Where is Pedro?” Respond to all student input, and then move the slide to an example sentence.
  3. Once students have seen this for a few days, incorporate the phrases into readings and let acquisition do its thing.

Surprisingly, this has gone over really well with my adult learners and running start students. I’m sure it would be a hit in a high school classroom as well. It has just the right amount of cheese.

You can download the slideshow with 5 locations and tons of examples here. It’s free.