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We’re approaching the end of Winter Quarter at my school, and as always my courses are different than the previous term ( I am constantly tinkering with my classes). In an effort to provide a better experience for learners each quarter, I feel it is to seek their feedback.

Sometimes I do this by asking one or two students how the class is going, what activities they like best, how hard an assessment was, what they are struggling with, etc. This quarter, I’m also asking students to fill out a survey for extra credit. Below are the questions I’m asking. (Sorry for the weird formatting. I’m probably not going to fix it).

This is homework that I created based on level-appropriate readings. Input, input, input.
I’m giving learners a place to tell me if something about these can be improved or if they liked something.
This is the textbook homework that my department has been using since before I started teaching here.. We’re moving away from it entirely next quarter and forever and ever Amen.
Honestly, I’m expecting a lot of negative feedback on VHL. It’s expensive and dry. It’s also very grammar-centric and, therefore, not very useful for language acquisition
I give my learners timed-writes. This is input disguised as output. Learners have to study the co-created story and write me a summary in their own words.
I have been giving learners mixed up paragraphs of 8-9 sentences. They put them in order based on the reading we did. They are tricky, and I’m expecting mixed feedback. They are good for acquisition, though, and I really like that they are input-based assessments.
This is a list of activities we’ve done this quarter, and I have a nervous feeling that I left something off this list. I’m expecting a wide range here, but I’m curious to see if there are any trends.
It’s important that learners are heard. I’m interested to see what people have to say.

I’ll post again when I have some data.


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